CONCEPT "住 ・食・ 衣"

- Living・Food・Clothing -

From Racine home Kyoto, Enjoy your Kyoto trip.

We offer you comfortable rooms and relaxing space like home in kyoto.


Racine Home Kyoto is a petit hotel that combines living, food and clothing.


At the root of the hotel is the west side of Lake Biwa,

It is a life culture that is passed down in the spring water town “Harie”.


The Harie offers a view of the original Japanese landscape,

and people connect with smiles.A rich and slow lifestyle remains.




 We want to keep it as “Harie Life”.


This hotel is a quiet 10 minute walk from Kyoto Station.

We hope you to Stay relaxed and enjoy

spring coffee, local sake, and fermented food

Spend comfortable clothes made of natural cotton.


Please come to refresh your mental and physical.

"住 ・食・ 衣"

- Living・Food・Clothing -

Racine home -住(Living)-

Petit hotel with a total of 9 exclusive rooms


 A base where you can experience Harrier Life.

There are 6 types of rooms.

You can choose according to your style of stay.


Shouzuya -食(Food)-

A fermented meal that makes you beautiful and healthy from the physical


This is a restaurant that select a fermented and local sake from Takashima City where the Harie is located


We use “Shouzu” that is soft spring water from Harie.



・ Funa-zushi(Fermanented fish)

・ Trout from Lake Biwa

・ Salmon grilled with salt

・ Tonchan-yaki(grilled chicken that taste Miso)

・ Omi beef steak

・ Omi duck roast bowl 



・ Various local sake from Takashima city

・ Handed sake set

・ Coffee that used natural spring water


Shouzuya homepage

Mayko shop -衣(Clothing)-

Shop directly managed by the factory, friendly to the environment and nature


We sell a clothing using natural cotton denim and other natural materials.

We use the remaining fabric.



Deluxe Twin Room (19㎡)

Spacious & Relaxing room with comfortably 120cm beds.
Large enough for your stay with children too.With unit Bath.

Deluxe Double Room(18㎡)

Large room with 160cm wide bed.

Separate bathroom toilet type.


Double Room (11㎡)

160cm wide bed. Recommended for business and casual stay. With unit bath.

Twin Room (18㎡)

Spacious room with 2 beds of 100cm width.

Separate bathroom toilet type.


Family Room (19㎡)

Triple room with 2 beds of 160cm width and 100cm width. Recommended for family trips.

Separate bathroom toilet type.


Group Room (36㎡)

In a quadruple room with 3 beds, there are 2 baths and 2 toilets.

Separate bathroom toilet type.


Amenities and Facilities

・Free Wi-Fi
・All rooms are non-smoking
・Washing machine, dryer, detergent, softener

<Guest room equipment>
・TV, refrigerator, desk, chair,
・Closet, safe, electric kettle 

・Bath towel, face towel, hair dryer,
・long shirt pajamas, cotton, cotton swab,
・razor, toothbrush,
・Shampoo, Conditioner, Face & Body Wash
・One bottle of mineral water per stay!


<Free rental>

・Aroma diffuser

・Iron, ironing board, multi-power connector

・DVD player, extension cable, blanket, pillow 

Comfortable sleep

“Serta Pocket Coil Mattress” in

 all guest rooms.

The mattress that Sata continues to stick to has been adopted by many hotels, including first-class hotels, and boasts the best sales in the United States.


To make your stay more comfortable,

The bed making “duvet style” using duvet is adopted.

You can choose the type of pillow you like, such as Tempur pillow.

Please tell the front desk.



TEL : 075-353-6315

Reception time : 9:00-20:00Excluding closed days



Sight Seeing


There are Higashi Honganji Temple, the famous garden "Kikokutei near from our hotel.

We recommend a walk to the Kamogawa River or in a traditional town in the morning.

Convenience stores and drug stores are also near from the hotel.

Sight seeing(Click on name for details)

 Shouseien"kikokutei"  …5 minutes walk

 ・Higashi Hongannji Temple  …5 minutes walk

 ・Kiyomizu Temple  …30 minutes  walk and Keihan railway 

 Fushimi Inari Shrine    …30 minutes walk and Keihan railway 



 ・Yodobashi Camera  …10 minutes walk

 Kyoto tower sando(souvenirs and foods)

               …10 minutes walk

 ・Drug store   …10 minutes walk

 ・Kyoto station building  …15 minutes walk

 Covenience store  …5 minutes walk


<From staff>


In Japan, there are still plenty of water, original scenery, and rich people.

I hope to feel the food, living and clothing of Kyoto and Harie by spending  at Racine Home.
We are committed to providing hospitality with such a heart.


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〒600-8150 334 Kamijuzuya-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-city Kyoto
TEL : 075-353-6315 FAX:075-708-5365

Reception time : 9:00-20:00(Excluding closed days)


Check in:15:00 / Check out:10:00


Luggage storage:free 9:00-18:00


Non-smoking throughout


The hotel entrance and guest rooms are auto-locked,

ensuring security.

There are special plans for business trips and long-term stays.


By train / bus

  ・ 10 minutes walk from JR [Kyoto Station]

  ・  6 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma Line [Gojo Station]

  ・ 2 minutes walk from Kyoto City Bus [Karasuma Rokujo Bus Stop]


By car

  ・ 10 minutes from Hanshin Expressway [Kamogawa Nishi IC]

  ・ 30 minutes from Meishin Expressway [Kyoto HIgashi IC]

  ・ 20 minutes from Meishin Expressway [Kyoto Minami IC]


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